Pumpkin Sweet Potato Curry

5 & 1 min. / 800 watt

  • Cooking times: 4 & 1 min.
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That's what it takes

This is how it is done

Mushrooms, Finely dice the leek and/or onion and add some of it to the bowl.

Roast flavour fans - brush the chicken breast with butter and oil and "torch", then place on the first layer of mushrooms

5 min./800 watt - SLIDER on STEAM position

Season with cream and provide

After enjoying PIP PIP, peel off SteamyWonder, carefully pull out the bowl with a kitchen glove or HiRon - the friendshipper, pour the cream mixture over it and repeat the...

1 min./800 watt - SLIDER to STEAM position into the wave. 

After the cooking process, slide SteamyWonder to STORE position and remain in pleasure meditation for 2 - 3 minutes.

Then on to the multi-sensory highlight of the day.

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